Hello and welcome,

we are Carla and David Ashton based in Stockport, South Manchester.

We have been breeding these wonderful cats since 2009. Over the following pages we will introduce you to our feline family, I hope they will captivate your heart as they do ours. 

Our mission is to breed beautiful and healthy cats that conform to the breed standard. We regularly attend competitive cat shows where our cats are ranked by a GCCF judge and a critique is given. This ensures that we receive the necessary feedback to keep on track with the progression of our breeding programme.

The British Shorthair should be a cobby cat that has a broad chest and short thick legs. The head should be round with neat ears and a broad muzzle. Eyes should be round and of a deep orange colour. The crowning glory is the coat which should be short, crisp and dense, it is indeed the thickest coat of any cat breed. Every mating we undertake has the goal of producing kittens with these attributes.

The temperament is also a key focus for us and all our kittens are well socialised within the home to ensure they are confident and used to all domestic activities and human interaction.

We breed British Shorthair cats in both the dominant colours of black, chocolate and red and in the dilute colours of blue, lilac and cream. We produce these colours in selfs, torties and bi/ tri colour variations. 

Our cats are our passion and their health and wellbeing is priority. They are regularly health checked by our vet, fed a high quality diet and, most importantly, they are raised with love and our undivided attention.

We occasionally have kittens and young neutered adults available, when we do they will be posted on this website. If you feel you can offer a first class home to one of our babies please contact us with a little information about yourself. We do not operate a waiting list as we receive many enquiries, so remember to keep checking in for updates.

It is a privilege to share your life with a British Shorthair, the most beautiful teddy bear of a cat with such a laid back and homely character. They are simply awesome, the word that inspired our GCCF registered cattery prefix…